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Disruptive Forces in Investing

Welcome to Disruptive Forces in Investing, a podcast series featuring Neuberger Berman’s seasoned investors who discuss trends that are transforming the investment industry and beyond.

October 15, 2019
Private Credit: The Rise of a Core Asset Class
Private credit has established itself as an emerging leader in the alternatives space, becoming a key source of long-term finance for borrowers globally.
Susan Kasser, CFA Co-Head of Private Credit Business for Neuberger Berman Private Equity
October 01, 2019
Disruption Outlook: Negative Rates
What are the investment implications of this unusual bond market environment?
Ashok Bhatia, CFA Deputy Chief Investment Officer—Fixed Income
Olumide Owolabi Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income
September 17, 2019
Impact Investing: A Shifting Mindset Across Public and Private Markets
Impact investing has come to the forefront as investors have increased interest in understanding the social and environmental impact of their portfolio alongside investment performance.
Jennifer Signori SVP, ESG and Impact Investing
September 03, 2019
Activist Investing: The New Normal
Shareholder activism has gained traction among investment managers as a means to implement meaningful change to improve long-term profit potential.
Benjamin Nahum Senior Portfolio Manager
August 22, 2019
Late Cycle Investing: What’s Next?
What can investors expect as the next downturn seems inevitable?
Erik L. Knutzen, CFA, CAIA Chief Investment Officer—Multi-Asset Class
August 06, 2019
FinTech: Competitor or Collaborator?
FinTech innovations have changed consumer expectations around financial services—will the incumbent players be displaced, or have they found a way to collaborate?
Charles Murphy Research Analyst
Scott Woodcock Research Analyst
July 23, 2019
Climate Change: A Growing Investment Consideration
Companies must adapt as investors increasingly incorporate climate change considerations into their portfolios to achieve sustainable returns and avoid risk.
Jonathan Bailey Head of ESG Investing
July 08, 2019
Big Data: Exploiting an Inefficient Market
Increasing amounts of digital information offer a new frontier for portfolio managers, allowing investors to evaluate companies on both a fundamental and data driven basis.
Michael Recce Chief Data Scientist
June 21, 2019
Autonomous Vehicles: An Evolution, not Revolution
The convergence of tech and auto has led to rapid advancements in auto safety features, creating the building blocks for truly autonomous vehicles.
Michael Barr Senior Research Analyst
June 21, 2019
5G: The Next Generation of Connectivity
The implementation of 5G networks will allow for greater connectivity, affecting just about every area of the economy—how should investors prepare?
Daniel Flax Senior Vice President
Yan Taw (YT) Boon Managing Director
June 14, 2019
Introduction to Disruptive Forces
Dive into the world of Disruptive Forces, where we explore timely topics changing the investment landscape and new opportunities as a result of these movements.
Anu Rajakumar Multi Asset Class Advisor
Quantamental: A New Dimension of Active Investing
Advances in data science are complementing and enhancing the research of both quantitative and traditional investors, sparking a revolution in active management.
Timothy F. Creedon, CFA Director of Global Equity Research
Ray Carroll, PhD, CFA Chief Investment Officer—Breton Hill
Employee Relations and the Role of Investors
How can investors promote corporate best practices for employees?
Ingrid S. Dyott Co-Portfolio Manager
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Anu Rajakumar's picture
Anu Rajakumar
Multi-Asset Class Advisor

Anu Mathur Rajakumar, Senior Vice President, joined the Neuberger Berman in 2008. Anu has spent most of her tenure at the firm as a member of the Quantitative and Multi-Asset Class investment team. As a portfolio specialist on the team, her focus is on delivering customized multi-asset class solutions and working with our firm’s Strategic Partner clients to achieve their unique goals and objectives.

Prior to joining the Quantitative and Multi-Asset Class investment team, she worked in the firm’s hedge fund solutions group, where she was an analyst. Anu received a BS in Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.

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